Monday, December 31, 2012

The First Post from Middle Earth

I don't know exactly what brought me back to my blog but I thought, "Why not update a post to procrastinate and let people (as if anyone is visiting this blog) know what I'm doing right now?" So this brings us to this post. Well, for those who want to know but don't know, I'm actually living in New Zealand right now, pursuing my PhD study in Computational Chemistry. It's actually been a year since I came here and this is a good indication of how often I blog. 

Coming to New Zealand is definitely one of the best things that has ever happened to me, but I have to say I expected more from this experience. I'm not saying this is bad but I had a vision before coming here and it started with me being very active, having a group of friends of my own like what I have in Malaysia. Little did I know that none of that actually came true. The introvert side of me came in and everything just came down tumbling. And it's also the difference in culture that prevented that vision to be realised. I'm used to hanging out with friends in a mall, watching movies and so on. But, there's no mall in Wellington! Besides, most of the people I get to know in the office live quite far away. In a different district or something. So, this makes it harder to have close friends. To make things worse, I'm doing a course where there is no lecture where you get to meet a lot of people which you can relate to easily. Someone once said that PhD study is a lonely journey. I can see why. Every PhD is different in its own way, the only time you get to relate to people about your project is with people in the same field. Guess what? I only have one other person in my group that knows what I'm talking about most of the time! Hence, another gap with other people. Not to mention, people here are mostly already in a group and it's difficult to just assimilate in the group. Due to the lack of malls in the area, the common entertainment in Wellington is to go pub. ....Not my cup of tea. Well, that's basically what is lacking for me here in NZ. It makes me appreciate my groups of friends back in my homeland. 

You must be sick of reading how sucky my life is. But in fact, it's not! There may be a lot of negative things that I've talked about but it isn't that bad. I learn to get by each day on my own. Learning to entertain myself on my own (please try not to think of this in a obscene way). I've been living in Penang all my life and it's the right time to step out of my comfort zone to experience new things. Taking charge of my own life has never felt this good. So, is the experience good or bad? Definitely GOOD! Despite the lack of friends, this is something that I won't trade for anything in the world. 

Tuned in for more next time! See ya!

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